Satellites Spot Forest Fires In Nepal

This great USAID-funded SERVIR-Himalaya program uses satellite data to meet international development needs

GEO Appathon Kick-off Videos and Slides

We’re very pleased to be able to present our GEO Appathon launch event videos and powerpoint presentations. We hope you find them informative and interesting. As always do let us have any questions or feedback using either the comments on this post or email GEO Appathon organiser Dan (

GEO Appathon – Smarter Decisions About Our Planet

GEO Global initiatives develop tools to address post 2015 agenda key themes

GEOSS data, information and tools provide the basis for policy definition and enforcement.

GEOSS functions and main components, sustainability, user access and benefits

GEOSS in Africa: building on success

Unleashing the power of Earth observations

Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction